Advisory Table - Institute for Pandemics

The Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) at the University of Toronto is delighted to announce the establishment of the Advisory Table for the Institute for Pandemics (IfP). 

The Institute for Pandemics’ aim is to better understand pandemics both before they arise and while they are progressing, strengthen our public health systems and improve how they are governed, and plan how we might best structure health systems and recover economically in a post-pandemic world.  The Institute is the first of its kind in Canada and will be at the forefront of how new policy approaches, scientific advances, and technological innovations can strengthen our Public Health systems and save Canadian lives. 

The Advisory Table will guide the long-term strategy of the Institute and help inform a workplan for achievement of each of its three objectives – readiness, resilience and recovery.  It will play an instrumental role in guiding the development of the Institute in its early stages and provide sound guidance on the creation of a blueprint for future evolution and growth of the Institute.  It will allow for diverse set of thought leaders a variety of sectors (including government, research, industry, tech/innovation, patients and caregivers) to come together and discuss issues of relevance and help inform the Institute’s impact on the broader health system. 

The Advisory Table will play a crucial role in supporting the development of the Institute’s strategic plan, mission and vision.  It will also assist in identifying key partnerships with public and private entities to further the Institute’s mandate and establish DLSPH as a hub and enabler for pandemic related research across the University of Toronto.  Finally, it would provide strategic direction on the Institute’s inaugural Pandemic Summit, which will focus on Key Lessons Learned from COVID-19 to be held over the course of the next year. 

The Advisory Table will be comprised of key stakeholders from the public health sector, government, broader industry, caregivers, along with representatives from DLSPH and other Faculties at the University of Toronto. 

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