Research Themes

IfP brings together transformative researchers and educators from across disciplines and around the world to address the complex, global public health challenges posed by pandemics. Our work centers around three pillars: ‘readiness’ to prevent and track evolving pandemics; ‘resilience’ of health systems and communities and to improve public health policies and interventions; and equitable ‘recovery’ to reduce health disparities in pandemics and to build back stronger and more fairly.

Pandemic Readiness

IfP studies the development and spread of pandemics through innovative, community-based surveillance, real-time monitoring, and advanced modelling methods; transmission modes of infectious diseases and preventive measures; and strategies to minimize risk for the next pandemic emerging at the human-animal interface.

Theme lead: Prof. David Fisman, DLSPH; Co-lead: Prof. Jeffrey Siegel, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Pandemic Resilience

IfP studies system resilience, its response, and communication in pandemics and large-scale epidemics. These include roles of governance, governments, critical infrastructures and information systems; methodological evaluation of emerging evidence and integration of multiple information streams in policy-making; processes to support data driven, ethical, equitable public health responses; roles of civil society; and effective communication within and across systems, and with the public.

Theme lead: Prof. Sara Allin, DLSPH; Co-leads: Prof. Brian Baigrie, Faculty of Arts and Science; and Prof. Fahad Razak, Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Pandemic Recovery

IfP studies pandemic’s broader impacts on health and society, in short and longer terms; impacts from various containment measures; health impacts on vulnerable and marginalized populations, as linked to the existing material-social deprivation gradient; strategies to reduce inequities in health access and outcomes in pandemics; and the roadmap to build back better and fairer.

Theme lead: Prof. Geoff Anderson, DLSPH; Co-leads: Prof. Shauna Brail (UofT Mississauga, Management & Innovation); and Prof. Simone Vigod (Temerty Faculty of Medicine)

Equity in Pandemics

This transversal theme on ‘Equity in Pandemics’ is leading the research thrust on a multitude of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) related issues in pandemics and public health crises, including but not limited to the marginalized and vulnerable populations, racial and gender disparity, and Indigenous health, among others, in connection to pandemic Readiness, Resilience and Recovery.

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