Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be a global leader in helping the world respond to pandemics, overcome infectious disease crises, and prepare for future threats so that everyone, regardless of background or experience, can thrive.


To power transdisciplinary research, train future health leaders in pandemic readiness, resilience, and recovery, and strengthen pandemic responses, policies, and systems in an equitable way that advance national and global health.


Our priorities:

  • Link, coordinate, and support researchers across disciplines and divisions at the University of Toronto to confront the challenges posed by pandemics through innovative, cutting-edge research
  • Pioneer training programs to equip future health leaders with the necessary interdisciplinary skillset for pandemic response
  • Serve as a knowledge nexus in Canada to inform and strengthen public health response, policies and health systems,  advocate for health equity in pandemics, and counter misinformation through public engagement. 
  • Position ourselves as a global leader in pandemic management and a focal point for international partnerships
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