Climate Change and Infectious Disease Speaker Series: Climate Change and Zoonotic Spillovers

How is climate change shifting and accelerating the spread of infectious diseases around the world? What are some of the impacts on societies, economics, and human and ecological health? Together with Climate Positive Energy (CPE) and the Institute for Pandemics (IfP), the Emerging and Pandemic Infections Consortium is pleased to co-host this public speaker series focused on climate change, infectious diseases and pandemics.

The third and final part of our series will focus on the impact of climate change on pathogen spillovers from animals to humans. Join infectious disease physician and medical microbiologist Samira Mubareka (Sunnybrook Research Institute) for a keynote presentation about climate change and zoonotic spillovers.

Following the keynote, there will be a panel discussion with Mubareka, Nelson Lee (Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto) and Ian Hamilton (Professor, University College London) moderated by Kate Allen, the climate change reporter at The Toronto Star.

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