Graduate summer course - Apply by March 31

Engineering for Psychologists, Psychiatrists (and Public Health Researchers)

Starting in May, Dr. Li Shu plans to offer a graduate summer course, "Engineering for Psychologists, Psychiatrists (and Public Health Researchers)".

The course aims to introduce elements of conceptual design, the first stage of the engineering-design process, to graduate students without an engineering background.

To apply this information, a mini-project will involve identifying needs, developing configurations for, and constructing a DIY air cleaner - Corsi-Rosenthal (CR) box - that satisfies those needs. The construction will take place in the Myhal Fabrication Facility, where students can learn prototyping techniques.

Finally, engineering professors/researchers will describe course projects that students can undertake and complete in July and August.

While the course was created for the Collaborative Specialization in Psychology, Psychiatry and Engineering, this year, most of the offered projects have a public-health focus.

To help Dr. Shu plan, especially course projects, please contact Dr. Shu ( if you're interested in enrolling and/or if you have questions as soon as possible.

The draft syllabus is available:

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