Amol Verma

Assistant Professor, Clinician-Scientist
Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Unity Health

Amol Verma is a physician and scientist in General Internal Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto, and the Temerty Professor of AI Research and Education in Medicine at the University of Toronto. He is a health services researcher, studying and improve hospital care using electronic clinical data. Amol co-founded and co-leads GEMINI, Canada’s largest hospital clinical data research network, which is collecting data from >30 hospitals in Ontario. He is a member of the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on Health Data Sharing. Provincial Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement in General Internal Medicine with Ontario Health and the Vice-Chair of the Researcher Council of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.

Pandemic Related Publications:

Awake prone positioning and covid-19

Outcomes in patients with and without disability admitted to hospital with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study

A Novel Collaborative Care Program to Augment Nursing Home Care During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patient characteristics, clinical care, resource use, and outcomes associated hospitalization for COVID-19 in the Toronto area

Modelling resource requirements and physician staffing to provide virtual urgent medical care for residents of long-term care homes: a cross-sectional study

Prediction of Personal Protective Equipment Use in Hospitals During COVID-19

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