Arif Jetha

Assistant Professor
Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Dr. Arif Jetha is a Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health and an Assistant Professor (status only) at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health. His research program aims at understanding how the future of work will impact pathways to health. Dr. Jetha is currently examining how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the nature of work and contributed to unique labour market challenges and opportunities for vulnerable workers including youth and young adults and people living with disabilities. He is also interested in examining the system of factors that determine the safe re-opening of workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Pandemic Related Publications:

Jetha A, Tucker L, Chen C, Gignac MAM. (2021). Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the employment of Canadian young adults with rheumatic disease: longitudinal survey findings. Arthritis Care & Research. In press.  

Jetha A. (2020). Coronavirus: The risks to essential workers with hidden health conditions. The Conversation Canada.  

Gignac MAM, Shahidi FV, Jetha A, Kristman V, Bowring J., Cameron J, Tonima S, Ibrahim S. (2021). Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health, financial worries, and perceived organizational support among people living with disabilities in Canada. Under review 

Jetha A, Shamaee A, Bonaccio S, Gignac MAM, Tucker L, Tompa E, Bültmann U, Norman C, Banks CG, Smith P. (2021). Fragmentation in the future of work: A horizon scan examining the impact of the changing nature of work on vulnerable workers. Under review 

Jetha A, Smith BT (2021). What employers can learn from the NBA about returning to work amid COVID-19. The Conversation.  

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