Gerald Lebovic

Assistant Professor
Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation

Professor Lebovic is a biostatistician at the Applied Health Research Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, UHT  working primarily with observational data ranging from small cohort studies to large registries and administrative databases. Prof. Lebovic is also a secretariat member of the Ontario Covid-19 Science Table. 


Health research methods: (biostatistics, observational studies, longitudinal analysis). 

Covid-19: (Health outcomes, Health equity, Long- Covid, public health measures, VOCs) 


1)    As an applied statistician I have an interest in presenting statistical methods commonly employed in observational studies. My aims are to emphasize not only the statistical techniques available but just as, if not more crucial, is the interpretation of the results and the conclusions that they lead to. 

2)    Working with Administrative datasets: An area of interest is using administrative data to examine changes in health care outcomes due to various interventions. These steps include validation of appropriate coding and algorithms, ensuring a proper cohort is constructed and choosing the most appropriate statistical analysis. 

Covid-19 Research

My interests are: 

1)    Contracting Covid-19: Previous research has shown that occupation, living arrangement and location may be risk factors of contracting the disease amongst other factors. 

2)    Covid-19 outcomes: Risk factors associated with poor outcomes from Covid-19 including hospitalization, ICU admission, ventilation and death. 

3)    Impact of public health measures: How various public health measures have helped limit the spread of Covid-19. 

4)    Health Equity: How has Covid-19 impacted various racial and ethnic groups, recent immigrants, and those with lower socioeconomic status. 

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