James Scott

Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Professor Scott is Head of DLSPH's Division of Occupational and Environmental Health. He is an environmental microbiologist with expertise in biological hazards in the workplace and community. Prof. Scott's research focuses on the biophysical characteristics and dynamics of bioaerosols, bioaerosol sampling technology, and the use of molecular genetic methods to characterize bioaerosols. He has extensive experience working with bacterial, fungal and viral bioaerosols. At the start of Canada's pandemic, Prof. Scott quickly established a facility to conduct a variety of standard testing procedures to assess mask filtration efficiency and study the performance characteristics of new and emerging mask technologies. This facility actively conducts research on bioaerosol generating phenomena to better understand risk factors for viral transmission and identify opportunities for public health interventions. Professor Scott is also contributing to guidelines on the safe reopening of dormant buildings and the prevention of viral transmission in workplaces.

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