Manal Tadros

Assistant Professor
Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Manal Tadros is a medical microbiologist at the Hospital for Sick Children.

She has a wide scope of research interests in medical microbiology, including hospital epidemiology, novel typing methods, improving diagnostics in mycology and for emerging pathogens, and novel typing methods for bacteria such as NGS and mass spectrometry.

Her research philosophy can be simply summarized in this statement; ‘From bench to bedside.’ She is mainly focused on research that can be translated into an improved quality of care for our patients.

Improving diagnostics is a primary area of interest. This includes early and accurate identification of antibiotic-resistant organisms using innovative technologies such as newer versions of mass spectrometers and robust software tools. She is also working on improving diagnostics for invasive fungal infections using non-culture methods.

She works on novel methods for rapid and accurate cluster analysis of microorganisms. This would impact Infection Control practices and support early identification of outbreaks and perhaps offer a better understanding of the dynamics of transmission of microorganisms between patients and within the hospital environment.

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