Mina Tadrous

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Professor Tadrous is a licensed pharmacist and pharmacoepidmeiologist. He has developed an impactful research program that has helped change drug policies in Ontario and nationally, and has earned a reputation as a respected teacher and mentor. He leads research in the Faculty’s clinical, social and administrative pharmaceutical sciences division, using real-world evidence to improve how medications are used. He works with policymakers and large data sets to answer questions about medication safety and effectiveness. Professor Tadrous also has research appointments at Women’s College Hospital, ICES and the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network.

Dr. Mina Tadrous’ research focus on two main areas of interest: post-marketing real-world evidence of medications’ utilization and pharmaceutical policy. He is keenly interested in using and developing advanced pharmacoepidemiologic methods to study the safety, effectiveness, and utilization of drugs to inform clinical practice and policy.

Professor Tadrous’s research has helped inform policies that improve access to critical medications, including chronic hepatitis B therapeutics. As a teacher, mentor and preceptor, Professor Tadrous said he has two main goals — giving his students opportunities to practice making evidence-based decisions and exposing them to non-traditional pharmacy career paths and opportunities. Students have selected him for two teaching awards: a Professor of the Year Award in 2018, and an APPE Preceptor of the Year Award in 2021.

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